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Patrick Grant, LLMSW
License #6851117558

My name is Patrick Grant and I am interested in working with children and teens, with a focus on trauma, ADHD, anxiety, stress, depression, and coping skills.
I also have an interest in young athletes and the different issues that plague them such as overzealous parents, expectations, and performance.


The different types of therapy modalities that I use are CBT, strength-based therapy, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness.

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My Story

The journey to becoming a social worker has been a never-ending journey. I have worked at a
home for youthful sexual offenders, a learning center for people with disabilities, a bank, owned
my own business, and have been coaching basketball and baseball for 15 years. With a degree in
sociology and a minor in psychology, I have always had my eye on becoming a therapist. I just
didn’t know it would be this late in life. Better late than never! 


In all my previous positions, at some point my duties included helping people in different
capacities. Growing addicted to the feeling of helping people has driven me to help those in
marginalized populations. I currently work as a rehabilitation counselor at an agency that serves
people with disabilities and coach a girls AAU basketball team.

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